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Case Study

First Choice Cleaning Services is a janitorial company that has been serving Delaware for over 30 years. Monty Carlisle leads 65 professional technicians and staff.

The redesign focuses on improving search visibility and engaging customers. Strategic online marketing efforts include email outreach, advertising, social, content strategy, link building and reviews.

  • Strategy, Design and Development
  • WordPress Theme
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • SEO

Design Highlights

Design decisions impact search optimization and customer engagement.

First Choice works with commercial and residential customers. The type of services offered are distinct and this is reflected in the site’s structure. From the front page, visitors are funneled to either the commercial or residential area and presented with custom menus and targeted services.

Once customers land on the site they are guided by strategic design and content strategy. Engagement through structure, visual design, accessibility, site speed and ease of use communicate the quality of the business in overt and subtle ways.

Engagement relies on visibility online. Customers finding the site is a critical first step. Search ranking algorithms consider aspects of design to determine where sites appear in search results. The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for this site begins with semantic and accessible design.

home page
house cleaning page
article contact page

Technical Details

Theme Development

The site is built using WordPress. Plugins extend the site and the theme provides custom style and functionality.

The theme is built using Underscores, a minimal starter theme that is accessible and semantic without opinionated styles.

Yoast SEO adds additional search optimization features. A clean interface makes it easy to optimize page content, image titles, meta descriptions and more.

Advanced Custom Fields is used to expose editable content to First Choice without compromising page layouts. Non-technical ways to edit pages keeps content fresh and up to date, accurately representing First Choice online and amplifying their brand and customer service.

advanced custom fields plugin

Admin screen using Advanced Custom Fields


Security is important for SEO and usability. In addition to general best practices, extra steps secure WordPress.

Having reliable backups ensures a quick and relatively inexpensive response to a possible attack. Clean backups allow infected sites to be replaced quickly at minimal expense.

Securing WordPress requires numerous and sometimes technical steps that are well documented. Securing directories properly from the beginning along with configuring the database and updating the htaccess file avoids the headache of retroactively updating an existing site left susceptible to attack.

iThemes Security is a security plugin this site relies on. It is easy to configure and provides protection against many common vulnerabilities and automated attacks.

Cloudflare provides additional security including HTTPS which also sends a positive search signal.


A fast site engages customers and improves search rankings. A handful of performance plugins for Wordpress are used to keep this site fast.

Cloudflare provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which improves site speed by serving cached content from distributed servers. CloudFlare’s official plugin ensures the site is running optimally.

Reducing file size and the number of requests through minification and concatenation is done using Autoptimize.

Images are optimized using Photoshop and ImageOptim. The Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin automatically reduces image size when uploaded from the WordPress admin area.



Marketing efforts are based on an overall online marketing strategy which reflects First Choice's business goals, resources and constraints.

The online strategy is developed after research and evaluated through measurable results. The plan reflects business goals, industry research, customer profiles, competitive analysis, analytics and search ranking metrics.

Search Optimization

There are many ways to improve search rankings. Measuring the potential impact and cost determine what actions are prioritized.

The site redesign improves SEO through responsive design, content strategy, site structure and technical SEO. Complimentary social profiles and listings also send positive local search signals. Link building, reviews and strategic marketing campaigns engage customers and promote the site.

On a regular basis, the marketing strategy is reviewed and updated based on progress, metrics and new information.

  • Engage customers
  • Online advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Online listings focused on local search
  • Social strategy
  • Online reviews
  • Determine relevant keywords and content
  • Build Backlinks
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Responsive and accessible design
  • Analytics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Semantic HTML
  • Site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Use canonical URL
  • Appropriate markup
  • Register with search engines
  • Monitor redirects and page errors
  • Site speed and security
We use Frances Ink for internet marketing because they tailor their services to our business. We have seen the success in both internet metrics and sales/client growth.

Monty Carlisle, President
First Choice Cleaning Services