Commerce Design

Case Study

The Good Supply supports a community of skilled artists, representing more than 80 local businesses in their beautiful 150-year old barn storefront in Pemaquid, Maine.

The site structure and content highlight The Good Supply’s unique mission and beautiful, handmade products. Improved performance and accessibility engage customers.

  • Strategy, Design and Development
  • Shopify Theme
  • Custom Templates
  • Improve Purchasing Experience
  • HTML, CSS, Liquid, JSON, JS
The Good Supply store

The Good Supply's store in Pemaquid, Maine.

Design Highlights


The Good Supply represents more than 80 local artists. Showcasing artists and their work was a primary goal of the redesign.

All artist are displayed on a top-level page. Images of the artist or their products are shown in a grid display and categorized based on the materials they work with. The Good Supply offers a wide variety of handmade products. Organizing artists based on material type is a way to group similar artists, making it easier for visitors to explore the page.

Each artist page shows all items made by a specific artist and are built so featured artist images can be added. Showing the artist in their workspace is an engaging look behind the scenes.

Individual product pages also link back to the artist profile, encouraging visitors to explore the story behind the pieces throughout their shopping experience.

artist page
Trey Walker

Product Display

Creating a compelling shopping experience was another focus of the redesign, from browsing collections to inspecting the hand crafted details of every product.

Products are displayed in a grid, showing a featured image of the item. Visitors have options of browsing all products, pieces made by a specific artist and curated product pages.

Individual products pages describe each item and show additional pictures. Related products are also shown, giving visitors an idea of the variety created by The Good Supply’s community of artists.

The checkout process is customized to ensure a cohesive look and feel. The option to continue shopping is prominently featured, encouraging visitors to continue exploring the site even after deciding to purchase.

featured products
individual product page
cart checkout process

Technical Details


Shopify uses Liquid, a template language for theme building.

Going beyond standard layouts, custom templates display content in a way that effectively communicates The Good Supply's unique story, showing artists at work, listing local community events and presenting handpicked pieces to create curated shopping funnels.

collections template
collections template code

Custom Admin

The Good Supply needed a non-technical way to update the custom templates to easily keep the site fresh.

For instance, one possible use for featured collection pages is to display holiday or seasonal gift options. As the seasons change, collections can be updated from the admin interface, creating an entirely new group of items.

Flexible templates are also important because The Good Supply’s product offering is constantly changing. Updating templates from the admin area allows new products and artists to be prominently featured.

customized admin